Welcome to Flying Fifteen sailing in Ireland


Welcome to Flying Fifteen sailing in Ireland

The Flying Fifteen is the original sports boat. It’s a two-person, 20-foot racer that provides great sailing for thriving fleets around Ireland…

Think of it as a fine-tuned keelboat that brings you closer to wind and wave, or a sophisticated, thoroughbred dinghy where the focus is on performance rather than staying dry!

Either way, you’re very welcome to the official website of Flying Fifteen sailing in Ireland. Here, you’ll find news, information, pictures, race results, notices, and, we hope, a sense of the thrill that is sailing a Fifteen. 

  • This website and associated social media are hosted and run by the Dun Laoghaire Flying Fifteen fleet (DLFF) on behalf of the Flying Fifteen Association of Ireland. Dun Laoghaire has one of the biggest fleets of Flying Fifteens in these islands, and the Flying Fifteen is the largest one-design fleet in Dublin Bay racing. The fleet has its own dedicated page here.

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