How to submit an article


Filing content to the site is easy. To start, click on the ‘Submit an Article’ link, which you will see in the User Menu (left of screen on home page).

This will bring you to the Editor screen. It’s quite intuitive, but you’ll find a basic tutorial here.

Tutorial image

If your editor screen doesn’t look roughly like this (some button icons will vary) you haven’t been assigned the right editor software. Let the webmaster know. 

It’s best to copy and paste plain text, especially if working on a long piece as, if you lose your connection to the server, you may lose all your work too. Try to avoid copying long pieces from a MS Word doc, which contains messy formatting code. Instead, save written content as plain text, and format in the site editor.

Try to keep formatting to a minimum. Less is more! Try to submit as much as possible this way, rather than in Word or pdf format.

It’s a good idea to split the article into the intro, which will show on the front page or section page, and the main body. Do this using the ‘Insert Read more’ button. Watch the spacing either side of the split.

When finished, don’t forget the press Save. If asked to choose a Section and Category, select General and News, unless you are filing something specific to other Categories, e.g DLFFF, SLYC. Put race result tables in Results, but put race or event reports in News. If in doubt, put the item in News.

The article will be reviewed for basic formatting and may get a (very) light edit before being published.

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