UK nationals racing cancelled


No racing was possible yesterday, Sunday 22nd, at Largs at the UK Allen Flying Fifteen Nationals, leaving Ireland’s John Lavery and David O’Brien in fourth place, and just two points off the lead, going into today’s racing.


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Initial readings on the racecourse were at a fresh 16-18 knots, with gusts well above, and the wind subsequently rose to 25 to 35 knots, ruling out any racing.

Today will have two races instead of the scheduled one, to complete the Championship.

Overall standings after Day 3

  1. Kneller/ Lucas, 4pts
  2. Goacher/ Evans, 6pts
  3. McKee/ McKee, 6pts
  4. John Lavery/ David O’Brien, National YC, IRL, 6pts

Top Scots: Hamish Mackay and Andy Lawson, Royal Highland YC in 15th overall.

Top Classic overall; Bobby Salmond/ Ingrid Magnus, Holy Loch SC in 19th overall.

Top Silver overall; Chris and Marion Bowen, Northampton SC in 24th overall.

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