Inserting and uploading images and documents


Use the article editor to upload one-off or small quantities of images.You can upload as many as you want this way, without having to insert them or save the article. For larger quantities, however, ask the webmaster for an ftp account if you know how to use it.

Basic notes follow, with specifics on where to upload images. (See this tutorial for more on the image manager).

Click on the ‘Insert/Edit image’ icon. This will bring up a dialogue box which will give you a view of the folders on the server. The upload button is to the right of the box.

Put all general images in the articleimages folder. If you are uploading a collection of images, e.g. for a gallery, then you must create a folder in the Root folder. Please be careful not to create too many sub-folders, which will complicate the structure! You can also upload Word doc or Adobe pdfs in this way.

If you simply want to upload, keep using the upload function in this way.There’s no need to save the article.

All images should be resized to a maximum of 500px wide and should be of reasonable file size. Use your camera or imaging software, or an online editor such as, to reduce.

If you are inserting the image in the article for publication, be careful to set its position using Alignment. The editor will display a preview of positioning. Try not to plonk every image in the centre of text, with acres of white space around it. Generally,  a smaller image will look better aligned left or right.

Site style is margin = 3, no border. Please use these settings only, unless you have a very good reason to vary them.

Don’t forget to save the article!

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